Have you been looking for ways to reduce your cellulite? If yes, then you are going to benefit from this article. You see, to effectively reduce your cellulite, you have to arm yourself with relevant information about cellulite removal.

Presently, there are a lot of materials on how to reduce cellulite, but many of them are not really effective. To find a good procedure or product that can reduce cellulite, you have to dig deep. Another thing you need to do is to seek advice from people who have successfully reduced their cellulite.

Finding reliable information on cellulite removal may be difficult for you, but if you are consistent, you will be successful. You can find reliable information on how to reduce cellulite at

The following article by Amelia Jean Jones and Roberta Lister shed light on some proven tips that can help you reduce your cellulite.


Dimples: cute on your face – but according to your Google search history, on your bum and thighs? Not so much,. And nobody is safe. Read more here.

You certainly now know a thing or two about cellulite and some tips that can help you address it. Of course, there are a lot of procedures and products that can effectively eradicate cellulite, but there are some that are just not effective. Your ability to differentiate between these two is likely going to determine if you will win your fight against cellulite or not.

The following article by Marcia Layton Turner shed lights on some cellulite removal options that are effective and some that may not work for you.


Cellulite is one of the most common aesthetic concerns among women of all ages, and while many products and procedures advertise their remarkable results in combating the condition, few live up to their promises. Read more here

You likely now know some cellulite procedures that work and some that are just not effective. One thing you should know is that most products that claim to have anti-cellulite properties don’t live up to their promises. So before choosing a cellulite removing product, you have to take steps to verify if it is effective.

The following article by groomandstyle discusses some of the best cellulite removal treatment.


Approximately 90 percent of women in Western nations have cellulite. Does that make you feel better about those cellulite dimples on your legs and butt? We didn’t think it would. Read more here.

You surely now know some procedures and products that can effectively reduce cellulite. Choosing among them is likely going to be a challenge for you because you cannot correctly tell the one that will be best for you. To choose the right one, you may have to consult a skin care specialist. He or she will be able to determine the one that will be best for you.

Final note

Today, there is a lot of information about cellulite on the internet, magazines, and books. But many of them are not 100% correct. Some of them contain tips and advice that are likely not going to work. To find reliable information on cellulite removal, you will have to do deep research.

The result of your research is likely going to be some proven procedures and products that can effectively reduce cellulite. Before signing up for any of them, it is important that you contact a skin care specialist.

One thing you must know is that finding a procedure or a product that can effectively reduce cellulite is very difficult, but if you are consistent and hardworking you will be successful.


Staycation Ideas for You

When people talk about vacation, some think of going abroad or travelling to far places. However, what we don’t know is that vacation could actually happen at home or just around town.  As long as you are doing something that makes you feel relaxed and away from the stress of school and work, then you are on a vacation. Today, we are going to give you staycation ideas that could do in Singapore.

But first, one of the hotels worth mentioning for a staycation is Bay Hotel Singapore. The Bay Hotel staycation package offers many amenities, such as a swimming pool and gym that overlooks Sentosa Island. There is also a great variety of food served, and other reviews for the staycation so far have been largely positive. If you are looking for good staycation deals you should check them out.

Next, The Asian Parent is going to share to us three unique staycation ideas in Singapore.

3 unique staycation ideas in Singapore

Dreaming of a perfect staycation that does not cost a bomb? Here are some ideas to consider…

Fancy a staycation on an island with a sandy beach and lagoon for swimming? In a holiday bungalow that  can accommodate 10 people and which costs less than $20 per day?

Didn’t manage to book holidays for the long weekend or school holidays? Fret not – we have put together some unique staycation ideas for you and your loved ones.

  1. An idyllic getaway at St. John’s Island

The treasures of St. John’s and Lazarus Islands await you. Linked by a causeway, the 2 islands offer a wonderful respite from the hectic pace of our urban jungle. The coconut trees and benches on St. John’s Island; and the white sand beach and turquoise waters of Lazarus Islands are some of Singapore’s best-kept secrets. It is said that St. John’s Island was once considered a candidate for today’s Sentosa Cove as we know it. Read more here.

            The three staycation ideas mentioned above are: an idyllic getaway at St. John’s Island, Hometeam NS Adventure center, and Treehouse Villas at Changi. These places are all children friendly that is why we could take the whole family in. Next up, Revathie Dhanabalan will now share to us great staycation ideas for long weekends in Singapore.

Great Staycation Ideas for Long Weekends in Singapore 2017

Looking for a weekend getaway from Singapore? Nothing beats a luxurious staycation while roaming around the familiar malls and streets of Singapore! And as a bonus, you get to use your SAFRA membership to lock in these accommodations at SAFRA member rates when you book online. Here is a list of four luxurious staycations in Singapore to make the best of the seven long weekend holidays in 2017.

Weekend Idea #1: Family Fun at Siloso Beach Resort

A Sentosa staycation may just be what the family needs. Conveniently located along Siloso Beach on the island of Sentosa, Siloso Beach Resort offers villa rooms and a rooftop terrace facing the stunning South China sea, surrounded by lush foliage. Relax with your kids and enjoy amenities such as the natural spring water swimming pool or book an Eco Tour to learn more about their green initiatives such as the green sanctuary where gardening staff grow plants and herbs. Accompanied with SAFRA Members’ Exclusive deal, you can enjoy their Deluxe Room with Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner and Eco Tour from just $190++. Read more here.

            Your long weekends would really be a waste if you will not do something exciting. There are four weekend ideas given above and you can choose what you want to do with the whole family. However, there are really times when you can’t do anything but stay at home. That is why Jonn Coolidge is going to tell us how to kick back, relax and vacation, at home.

How to Kick Back, Relax, and Vacation at Home

Put the World On Hold

  • Take time out—literally. Eliminating reminders of time helps wipe away the stress of the daily grind, says Amy McDonald, spa director of El Monte Sagrado, in Taos, New Mexico. Gather up all the clocks in your house and stash them in a dresser drawer. Throw your watch in next to them. Leave them there for the whole day (or two, or five).
  • Turn off the ringers on your phones and mute the answering machine. Check messages only when you want to, keeping in mind that “not at all” is always an option.
  • Do an “out of the office” message for your e-mail (even if your office is a corner of the playroom). Say you won’t be checking your e-mail till you’re back from vacation. Then power down the computer and throw a towel over it. Read more here.

Staying at home could also really be relaxing as long as you really keep yourself out of work. Keep everything that involves work away from you. Just relax and have time for yourself. In this way, you could also enjoy a peaceful home and a peaceful mind. Vacation doesn’t have happen outside home. But if you ever get a chance to have a getaway or a vacation outside your home, don’t deprive yourself from it.

Luxury Hotels Should Offer These Facilities

As luxury brands and hotels continue expanding at a rapid pace, some of you must be wondering what the real meaning of luxury living in hotels is. After all, there are very few people who do not nurture a desire of putting up at one of the luxury hotels when they are on a vacation or during their official tours at some point or the other in their lives. But irrespective of how delightful a hotel’s decor may look from outside all luxury properties do not offer the same kind of facilities. That also signifies that all these properties are not created equal. In case you are planning to splurge your money on one of the fabulous properties, make sure that you get value for your money. There is a saying that is used in conjunction with luxury hotels quite often. It states that you may get everything for money within reason. So prior to booking a luxury hotel for your next stay, you should ensure that the said property actually meets the luxury standards for some of these must haves mentioned below:

Complimentary Wi-Fi facility

Respective of how fanciful a hotel or how renowned the property is, you need to find out whether it is offering free Wi-Fi facilities to its patrons or not. Ideally, most upscale hotels offer this facility within their premises absolutely free of cost. It is a fact that real luxury hotels are aware that they are catering to a certain category of guests who have clear cut quality tastes when they opt to put up at a luxury property.

The key reason why they are willing to drop hundreds of bucks per night is that they have an expectation that the hotel will cover the basic amenities to make them feel at ease and comfortable. They would definitely not like it if the hotel is going to charge them extra money just for checking their emails every day.

Round the clock room service

It may be difficult for you to visualize a hotel actually fearing 24-hour room service every day but it does happen. Imagine returning to your hotel room early in the morning r at late hours after partying hard and feeling famished thereafter. Wouldn’t you wish that your hotel offered you room service at all times? Alternatively, you need to move out super early in the morning on a planned tour but the hotel’s dining room only open after 8 a.m. in the morning. However, you must leave before that. A round the clock room service definitely comes handy in such situations.

Gourmet restaurants and well-stocked bars

As the luxury hotels emerged as a part of the hospitality industry in different parts of the world, they left no stones unturned to ensure that their patrons can savor some of the finest cuisines in their in-house restaurants and take experiences of a lifetime. So, staying in a luxury hotel also means that you will be privy to some of the hottest bar scenes and dining spots.

Whenever you are visiting a new place, it is natural for you to experience the finest dishes the city has to offer along with its other attractions. But a key perk of residing in a luxury hotel is that you can get exotic cuisines sitting right inside your hotel room. You do not have to spend extra bucks on hiring a car or try out the local public transport for visiting one of the best restaurants in that city. Imagine how convenient it is just to take an elevator, travel a few floors and enjoy food at one of the best restaurants in the city with the chefs all set to satisfy your culinary palette.

Spa and Gym

Today, the hospitality industry has understood the importance of a spa that has immense business potential. A luxury hotel intends to pamper its guests of both genders by relaxing in its well-equipped spa. Patrons can relax here as the personnel tries to make sure that they feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated and relaxed after going through various treatments and massages.

A luxury property also features a state of the art gym with different types of latest gadgets and exercise classes so that guests can maintain their physical regime even while they are away from their homes.

Lastly, the most important is food.

Every luxurious hotel should have a halal restaurant sentosa in order to provide a international cuisine to tourists of all races.

Luxury hotels: A home away from home

If you are setting up a luxury hotel, then keep your intentions right! You can always earn money running a mediocre hotel, but giving comfort and luxury is how you build a brand. Any customer walking into a hotel wants comfort along with hygiene as a basic expectation. If want to be known as the next Ritz Carlton, then these are the following thing that you should keep in mind while building a hotel.

Designing and structure:

With the hotel business booming, the trend towards modern and sophisticated structures are doing the trends. However, if you want to offer comfort, then it should be a blend of traditional as well as modern. If the design reeks of the old European era, then it does give the customer the feeling that he should stepping on his toes and walking. If the structure is too modern, it comes across more of a sleek office space rather than a hotel. In addition, if you are building small hotel, then your design and structure should be welcoming rather than being expensive.

A happy hour rooftop bar to some may be a important criteria especially for those who love drinking.

Good food always counts:

In the hospitality industry, the kind of food you serve will always give you an edge over the others. Since there are multiple cuisines and more than four meals a day, it is often confusing as to what should be the menu or the standard dishes that you want to give your customers. One of the best things to do is to keep the menu simple but the food dish exemplary. Even something as simple as a cheese sandwich can be made with exceptional flavour and taste.

Offering different cuisine is good idea to promote various festivals. However, while deciding the dailies or specialities, focus on the target audience. Hotel industry has no target audience as customers from all across the world come over to your hotel. However, if your hotel is near an corporate office area, it is understood that the everyday crowd will be of the office goers.

In addition, your chef can also bring in customers especially if he is a renowned one. Choose a chef who can take up the challenge of preparing different cuisines and bringing in the right flavour. His temperament should be such that he should be able to teach and turn junior chefs into food experts.

The Staff make it a home:

If your staff is hospitable, polite and is concerned about its customer, then you have hit a gold mine. Your hotel will flourish within no time and you will become the talk of the town. Eleanor Roosvelt has put it aptly, when he says, ‘True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests.’ Choosing the right staff is key to a successful hotel. For the staff which has to make dirty rooms clean, remove the dirty dishes, keep the smile despite rudeness and managing irate guests, the only motivation is money. So, pay them well and reward them for handling the toughest customer.

A New England perspective on the American experience

Those of us who live near the Connecticut River or its tributaries deal daily with the beauty and power of moving water. We cross the river to get to work or buy groceries, and discuss its seasonal changes around our kitchen tables. We fish, swim in and row on the river; paint, photograph and write about it. We harness its current for energy and siphon water for crops. The river’s presence helped develop our cities and towns and remains a common feature of our communities, from Canada to Long Island Sound.

Despite its influence, the river is overlooked by many. But this is not just any river, and these are not ordinary times. As Americans, we are experiencing unprecedented challenges and demands about how best to express our democratic values in the contemporary world. We face unique threats to our liberties and environment, and confront new and conflicting definitions of life and love. We follow the breathtaking arc of technology, uncertain of its destination. We have more sources for news and information than ever before, yet find fewer reasons to see them as credible.

New England Watershed Magazine has been created in response to these challenges, to strengthen our sense of community and foster the exchange of ideas. The word “watershed” refers to a region “bounded peripherally by a water parting and draining ultimately to a particular watercourse or body of water,” and also to “a crucial dividing point or line.” Both meanings describe the new magazine of the Connecticut River corridor. Watershed builds bridges of understanding while satisfying our thirst for ideas and new ways to think about the world.

The vitality of the Connecticut River watershed is reflected in the civilization that has evolved along its course. Pioneering men and women, native and from around the globe, have explored the river’s length in canoes and rafts, barges and steamboats—even atop logs floating to market. The farmland along its banks is some of the richest in the world. Few regions can claim as many colleges and universities, museums and cultural institutions.

Mark Twain once lived here, as did Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson, Dr. Seuss and Katherine Hepburn. The Connecticut River has been home to such visionaries as Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of many of our most celebrated public spaces; Sojourner Truth, a champion for equal rights and social justice; artists Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Maxfield Parrish; Samuel Morey, inventor of the steamboat; and Noah Webster, author of the first American dictionary. Today a diverse group of internationally recognized writers, artists and scholars have settled within the river’s watershed, continuing an intellectual tradition as rich as the region’s spectacular soils. The river has played a role in forming both.

The Connecticut River itself provides a reason for optimism as we confront the challenges of our age. The river was so polluted in the 1960s and 1970s that few would go near it. Through the persistence and vision of numerous people, the river has been reclaimed, its waters cleansed: the Connecticut is now a federally designated Heritage River. Many of the people who reside within the river’s watershed today share a similar desire to positively shape their natural and cultural landscape.

New England Watershed’s essays, articles, photographs and artwork examines issues particular to life within the Connecticut River watershed. But our regional identity is just one aspect of our involvement with the world. New England Watershed explores the “crucial dividing points or lines” of our times, articulating what it is to be American, in all its complexity.

Russell Powell, editor and publisher