Luxury hotels: A home away from home

If you are setting up a luxury hotel, then keep your intentions right! You can always earn money running a mediocre hotel, but giving comfort and luxury is how you build a brand. Any customer walking into a hotel wants comfort along with hygiene as a basic expectation. If want to be known as the next Ritz Carlton, then these are the following thing that you should keep in mind while building a hotel.

Designing and structure:

With the hotel business booming, the trend towards modern and sophisticated structures are doing the trends. However, if you want to offer comfort, then it should be a blend of traditional as well as modern. If the design reeks of the old European era, then it does give the customer the feeling that he should stepping on his toes and walking. If the structure is too modern, it comes across more of a sleek office space rather than a hotel. In addition, if you are building small hotel, then your design and structure should be welcoming rather than being expensive.

A happy hour rooftop bar to some may be a important criteria especially for those who love drinking.

Good food always counts:

In the hospitality industry, the kind of food you serve will always give you an edge over the others. Since there are multiple cuisines and more than four meals a day, it is often confusing as to what should be the menu or the standard dishes that you want to give your customers. One of the best things to do is to keep the menu simple but the food dish exemplary. Even something as simple as a cheese sandwich can be made with exceptional flavour and taste.

Offering different cuisine is good idea to promote various festivals. However, while deciding the dailies or specialities, focus on the target audience. Hotel industry has no target audience as customers from all across the world come over to your hotel. However, if your hotel is near an corporate office area, it is understood that the everyday crowd will be of the office goers.

In addition, your chef can also bring in customers especially if he is a renowned one. Choose a chef who can take up the challenge of preparing different cuisines and bringing in the right flavour. His temperament should be such that he should be able to teach and turn junior chefs into food experts.

The Staff make it a home:

If your staff is hospitable, polite and is concerned about its customer, then you have hit a gold mine. Your hotel will flourish within no time and you will become the talk of the town. Eleanor Roosvelt has put it aptly, when he says, ‘True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests.’ Choosing the right staff is key to a successful hotel. For the staff which has to make dirty rooms clean, remove the dirty dishes, keep the smile despite rudeness and managing irate guests, the only motivation is money. So, pay them well and reward them for handling the toughest customer.

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