Unique Slimming Treatments Available in Singapore

Vanquish is an exceptional slimming treatment done by experts of the aesthetic and beauty clinic of Singapore. It is a suitable fat reduction process both for men and women. The treatment is eminent to reduce the body fat percentage, especially in the abdomen and thigh areas. The following information may provide you the guidelines on ‘why do we prefer Vanquish Slimming Treatment as an ideal body shaping therapy.’

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What Happens in ‘Vanquish Slimming Treatment’

In Vanquish Slimming Treatment, the experts use the Exilis radio-frequency (RF) device combined with focused monopolar RF transmission with several intrinsic safety features containing the ‘Peltier cooling’ system. The temperature of the radio-frequency therapy machine reaches up to 40-42°C within 5 minutes after targeting the area. The temperature provides a warm feeling of sensation to the patients. The continuous therapy motion enters the deeper part of the skin of the specified area. The Exilis radio-frequency system can identify the fat tissues of the saggy skin and contour the fat cells in the targeted area. Therefore, the radio-frequency (RF) technology in energetically efficient enough to heat the large volume of fatty tissues to be removed non-invasively.

Moreover, the RF technology stimulates to boost up the better collagen production and fresh elastin in the identified area of the dermal structure. It improves body metabolism and tightens the skin by the fat removal process. The Exilis radio-frequency system delivers the maximum energy to target the thermal effect to enter into the deeper fat part of the skin with the protection of the nearby layers. The frequencies target the fatty tissues found in the internal layers for elimination from the specified fatty cells zone. Overall, people prefer to Vanquish slimming treatment, as it is non-surgical and painless.

Why ‘Vanquish Slimming Treatment’ is Unique than Others Body-shaping Therapy?

Of course, the ‘Vanquish Slimming Treatment’ is unique than the other body-contouring medication for the following reasons-

  • In Vanquish treatment, the therapy specialists of the aesthetic beauty clinics of Singapore delivers the energy to the body to remove the unnecessary fat cells without touching the patients’ body.
  • The radio-frequency technology used in the ‘Vanquish Slimming Treatment’ is efficient in breaking down the fat cells that can be removed from the body naturally from time to time.
  • The patients are risk-free to have any harm to the other organ, as the radio-frequency therapy targets only the fatty tissues of the specified areas. According to research, the treatment can be a cause of the death of the unnecessary fatty tissues through the organic way.
  • You don’t have any side effects and pain from this treatment. You can see the visible results within four to six sessions by the non-invasive process.

If you want to reduce fat percentage in your thighs and abdominal areas without surgery and non-invasive procedures, ‘Vanquish’ is a worthy slimming treatment for you. Don’t be panic; the treatment is safe and costs saving. Also, the treatment is performed by the specialists of the registered aesthetic and beauty clinics of Singapore.