Aesthetic Doctors and Clinics




If you care so much about how you look, then you are probably one of those who really visit a dermatologist or an aesthetic doctor. There a lot of clinics and doctors around town, but we must always keep in mind that we have to be careful in choosing. It is not easy and it is really important to be cautious. In this article we are going to help you by giving you a guide in choosing the right dermatologist and the right clinic for you.

To start, Dr. Ethan will give us a complete guide to seeing a dermatologist Singapore.


I’m writing this post because “recommend me a good dermatologist in Singapore” is one of the questions I’m most often asked by friends –  Now I can just direct them to this post.

Incidentally, “dermatologist Singapore” is also one of the most Googled terms in Singapore, receiving over 3700 searches each month – so I figured I’d just help everyone else out by explaining in detail how to find a suitable dermatologist for your condition and treatment needs in Singapore.


First, a bit of context. In Singapore, training to become a dermatology specialist requires an additional 6 years after completing med school – this comprises:

  • 3 years of internal medicine training
  • 3 years of advanced specialist training in dermatology

Almost every dermatologist in Singapore will have spent a significant amount of time at the National Skin Centre as part of their training. Others are rotated across various teaching hospitals, such as SGH, NUH, and CGH. Read more here.

There is a whole lot of information given above and these include public vs. private dermatologists, the cost of seeing a dermatologist in Singapore, the cost of seeing a dermatologist in Singapore with skin procedures and a lot more. Now let us proceed to the clinics. First off, Face Clinic will give us ten tips to help you find a good and reputable Botox clinic.

10 tips to help you find a good and reputable Botox® clinic

In the last fifteen years the use of Botox®  for wrinkle treatment has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular and frequently used non surgical cosmetic treatments.  Choosing a Botox® clinic and practitioner for the first time can be difficult;

however, there are a few simple things that you can look out for to make the process easier and to ensure you not only look great but also have a good experience.

Botox® injections work by relaxing the muscles on the face so that the skin appears wrinkle free and smoother, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The effects last on average three months after which time the Botox® wears off and the facial muscles become active again.

Botox® works well for wrinkles that are caused by facial movement, such as crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles.  The injections themselves only cause very slight pain and take about fifteen minutes.  Botox® treatments are generally safe and their effects reversible. However there are recent media reports of people having bad experiences from cosmetic treatments.  Here are ten tips which you should consider before choosing a Botox® clinic: Read more here.

There are ten tips given above and one is that you should make sure that the clinic offers a follow up service. This is highly important because anything might happen after the treatment. You should be able to avail of a follow up service as it is crucial. Now, News Channel will share to us some tips in choosing a premium aesthetic clinic in Singapore for you.

Tips in Choosing the Right Aesthetic Clinic for You

Experiencing a beauty treatment every once in a while is one of the most privileged moments in a woman’s life and for that reason, it’s important that we choose the best aesthetic clinic that can provide the best service that we need. Since we only get to treat ourselves this way every once in a while, here are some things that you can check out for when looking for a good aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

Friendly Staff

This is probably one of the most common indicators that you found a good aesthetic clinic Singapore. The way the staff of the clinic approaches or greets you as you enter their clinic can be a good overview of as to what kind of service the clinic can offer. If you’re going to contact the clinic through phone, you should take note of how the person in-charge of answering the calls will greet you. Other than that, the person the line should answer all your questions in an appropriate manner. Read more here.

One of the factors to consider that was mentioned above is the cleanliness of the clinic. This is truly important. If you see that the clinic is unclean, you should already turn your back and leave the place. What you are going to go through would be a delicate process and an unclean clinic might bring complications and infections. There are really a lot of things to check and consider when choosing a doctor and a clinic. You should really have time to check on these.